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We really enjoyed the presentation and the evening. Definitely want to learn more about the fascinating world of wine!
- Joe & Adriana Mitchell

We had been less familiar with Italian wines. This was very informative and helpful!
- Anonymous

What a perfect anniversary present; a wonderful and informative evening spent with Mark--a wine expert without any pretense. He truly knows his subject well and obviously enjoys teaching it to others. We will definitely be calling on him again.
- Mike and Lori Dubetz

Mark taught a wine course for the Colorado School of Mines Alumni Association. He is truly an expert wine instructor and his enthusiasm is contagious! He delivers his content in a refreshing way - I wouldn't have ever imagined how wine is like an orchestra. I look forward to working with him again
- Serena Bruzgo, Deputy Director, Alumni Association Colorado School of Mines

I don't think I've learned more in less time - ever! The quality and quantity of information was outstanding; I'm very glad I found your website.
- Phillip Ratliff

Fantastic lesson! I learned a lot and it was nice to take some resources home with me.
- Jessica Weeber

Mark's enthusiasm and knowledge made this a fun experience. Thanks Mark!
- Steve DeLong

A fun and enjoyable evening. Who knew wine was so complex?
- Anonymous

Very informative, easy to understand and not too formal.
- Marsha Keese

What a nice class. All was well presented and very clear. I no longer fear wine or the guy in the liquor store!
- Rande

A very informative and interesting class. My compliments to the instructor.
- John Barretto

Thanks; I plan to attend another class. It was fantastic! Perfect amount of information.
- Tara Hedman

Great course with good and useful information.
- Tom Anderson

Lots of fun and very informative - so much more to learn but good drinking along the way!
- Jeff Kulp

After having a bad experience with French wine I decided to take the class. Now I LOVE French wine!
- Kirsten Long

Very informative; better than anticipated. I look forward to recommending the course to my friends, relatives, and anyone interested in wine.
- Chris Merrick

Great fun, informative, will attend another one!
- Michelle Carden

Fun; very informative - makes for a very classy and cultured evening out. A great idea for a date or group outing.
- Erika Lishok

Fabulous place to eat (Palapas Surfside Restaurant). Most interesting; afordable wines that are good!
- Jackie Hilaire

Loved the info on age of vines. Felt like we toured France!
- David Lumb

We enjoyed your class fully. We look forward to signing up for another class.
- Diana Tapia

Great class! Very informative.
- April Veits

This class was way better than I'd anticipated. Can't wait to take the next class!
- Susan Alexander

Overall the class was good. Will definitely help me further my wine knowledge.
- Angela Munger

Pleasantly academic! Loved the enthusiasm on the subject and the variety. Can't wait for France!
- Sam Sharp

Great class! Very informative and educational. I got more out of this class than any other wine tasting event; instructor knows his stuff!
- Amanda Jones

This was a very fun and informative class. I learned many things I didn't know and was reminded of other info I had forgotten. Thanks for a wonderful experience!
- Emily Wood

The wines were delicious. The class was fun, the food complimented the wines well, and the food was delicious too.
- Arlene Wood

Excellent intro to an obviously complex topic.
- Justin Otis

Good wine, simple food, good information - what more can one want?
- Jim Wood

Great class! I will definitely be back for more and bring my friends. Thanks so much!
- Anonymous

A "must do" for the wine ignorant.
- Cory Thompson

I learned more than I ever expected!
- Yvonne Milito

Very well put together; I thought I had a fair amount of knowledge already, but the presenter expanded what I knew nicely. Thanks!
- Anonymous

I learned a lot more than I thought and enjoyed it so much that I felt like giving Mark a standing ovation!
- Suzanne Starling

Every adult should take this course... This is a must for professionals who entertain clients.
- Glenn & Wendy Messke

Thank you for a fun (and informative) evening! Mark is very knowledgeable - but also funny and unpretentious. Fantastic!
- Mike & Lisa Vining

Great, informative course; I really learned a lot. Mark is a great instructor!
- Ed Cavanaugh

Wonderful time & very informative! Will attend other classes and events. Many thanks!!
- Sheila Cavanaugh

Bravo! A very informative class that we thoroughly enjoyed.
- Michael Pennica

Excellent class. A lot of very useful information.
- David Knize

I really enjoyed this class. Although this was an introductory class, the depth of the instructor's knowledge was readily apparent. Thanks so much!
- Ann Pinney

Wonderful experience! I now feel better equipped to march into my local wine shop and not be intimidated!
- Jane Ard-Smith

I thoroughly enjoyed the class. Mark is super knowledgeable about all aspects of wine from the history of to ordering and/or purchasing wine for personal consumption. I will recommend this class to all of my wine drinking friends!
- Anne Reif

Have already been through a few other tastings/classes in Europe (France, Greece, Italy, Germany, etc.) and Napa - this one brought it all together.
- Linda Elliott

Mark was well prepared with great material and was open to questions.
- Vicki Wellenborg

Awesome course. I love Aussie wine and I managed to learn some new & exciting things!!
- Heather Davidson

Great class! Lots of fun.
- Matt Chin

Great fun! We had a wonderful time and learned a lot about wine; can't wait for the next class.
- Nancy Phelps

Very informative class in a warm and friendly atmosphere. We look forward to applying Mark's training on our next bottle of wine.
- Chet Phelps

This was a great class for us. We've been trying to find red wines we like without much luck; having this knowledge will do us a ton of good. Thanks!
- Shawn Herrin

Great Class! Very knowledgeable (instructor); will recommend to friends.
- Chenelle Herrin

Great!! Much better than I anticipated. Fun, informative and I'd certainly take more classes.
- Anonymous

Terrific Class; very informative and easy to understand, especially for the lay-person.
- Eric Smith

This was our 3rd event and it was so much fun. We will continue to book classes because our clients love it! Mark is awesome and so good at what he does.
- Melissa Smith, Ameriprise Financial

It (the class) was very intimate and informative. A lot of fun! Thanks Mark.
- Todd Johnson

Great! Looking forward to attending future classes.
- Charlie Snyder

While all the classes I have attended have been outstanding and educational, this was one of the best! Fun, informative, and delightful.
- Ben Garcia

I have taken wine classes before and this by far was tailored in a way that was easiest to understand. Great ambience and low key group. Will definitely attend another class.
- Anonymous

Great class - a lot of fun
- Wayne Sonchar

As always, the course was knowledge & fun - great food, great wine, fun company.
- JoAnn Berkhimer

Great way to learn about wine tasting, choosing, and enjoying.
- Dave Drysdale

It was a great introduction to wine in a fun and relaxing environment; a great date idea!
- Julie

A great class that gives you the knowledge to truly enjoy wine.
- Tim Bolyard

I really learned a lot. I would recommend this class to all my wine drinking friends; lots of fun!
- Audra Bolyard

Informative and enjoyable.
- Roz Hokanson

Fantastic! Very informative. I would highly recommend others to take this course The dinner was delicious.
- Andrea Bifano

Every class I have attended has increased my knowledge of wines and their production; these classes contributed very much to my passing my certified sommelier exam. Thanks
- Ben Garcia

This class was light, fun and very informative. I really enjoyed and I learned a lot. The people were amazing.
- Jo Ann Berkhimer

Fun, informative, delicious!
- Roz Hokanson

Great class and I learned more of French wines than I ever though could be. Learning about different regions, laws of wine making and wine making styles over the years makes this class very informative and fun!
- Ben Garcia

Fun, informative, delicious!
- Roz H.

Again, great class! I learned moreof French wines than I ever thought I could. Learning about different regions, laws of wine making, and wine making styles over the years makes this class very informative and fun!
- Ben Garcia

This class was great! Much more info than I expected, and too much to remember but I really enjoyed it. I can't wait for the next!
- Janet Metzler

A great way to begin the experience of wine!
- Andy Gipe

As someone who is so new to this subject, I appreciated a friendly, low-key introduction.
- Darcey Hayes

This is my 3rd class and I’m learning more and more and thoroughly enjoying it. I look forward to next class.
- Ben Garcia

Awesome! So much Knowledge! Very Fun and definitely recommend it to anyone. Great team of people!
- Megan Andreozza

Great food and great presentation. Thank you so much we can’t wait for the next class.
- Mellissa Smith

Wonderful- this was so helpful and fun for a new wine enthusiast.
- Jessika

Great class- just came from a trip from Napa and learned a lot at the class plus validated a lot of information.
- Leisa Klinge

In just 2 hours I have gained a fabulous wealth of knowledge about wine that I know will serve me in the future.
- Jennifer Young

I really had a great time. Matt Cookson was amazing with what he knows and how real he was.
- Ray Porrello

Very fun and the food was amazing. This was my first event and I really enjoyed it being at the Warehouse and Matt was a great speaker, knowledgeable and funny!!!
- Kendra Porrello

Very informative and fun: lot of great material covered.
- Sally Sorber

I have attended 4 other tastings from other venues and have by far learned more and enjoyed the food pairing with this tasting. Completely enjoyed it.
- Peggy Riggen

Excellent presentation and very open to questions and expanding to more than just the course material
- Melinda Sorber

Very informative, loved the selection of wine and the food went really well with the wine.
- Velma Jones

“The class was very informative. I had an excellent time.”
- Jordan Harrison

“The information was so wonderful! I learned so much, instructor was fantastic and fun
- Chelsey Farnum

“Presentation and atmosphere was great. I had a great time!”
- Dirk Jutten

"I completely enjoyed the instructors’ presentation and humor. The atmosphere was fantastic! I am absolutely looking forward to future classes."
- Lisa Whitney

"This was an outstanding class. Great for a beginner and experienced person."
- Moses Stewart.

“I came to the class on my 21st birthday and now feel I can make wise decisions about wines… Will be trying more classes!”
- Kimberly Stewart

The class was the perfect balance of learning fundamental wine techniques, shopping for your personal preferences, and the history of wine and great conversation. I recommend the classes for groups ranging from individual couples, to private parties, to corporate settings. A wonderful experience.
- Marybeth Welch

As the first wine tasting I’ve attended, this was much better that what I expected. It was incredibly informative. I look forward to attending another class and would recommend this to anybody.
- Nathan Boone

We had a lot of fun and discovered a few wines we will buy in the future. Thank you
- Bill and Cindy Stempson

I had a great time. Really informative and presented in an easy to understand fashion. Good wine, good food, good times.
- Derek

Fantastic! A lot of fun and informative too!
- Dan Branan

The classes are so fun!
- Joni Jones

Very good, pleasing, and enjoyable. Great time and we will be back
- Madellen & Bob Spaete

Fabulous class. It was a lot of fun and very informative.
- Cristi Cardenas

Really enjoyed this class, it was an unexpected pleasure.
- Karla Griffith

Excellent in-depth information especially "paring" info, (course handouts) good information for future use.
- Michelle Baringer

Nice casual environment to learn about Italian wine. Laid back yet very informative.
- Laurie Marzano

Great experience overall. Very knowledgeable and entertaining instructor. Kept my interest throughout.
- Rina Murray

Now I am more confident to buy wine or order at a restaurant. A good class to get your feet wet.
- Denise Washington

I really enjoyed this class and feel more encouraged to learn more about wine. I felt that there was so much information in the course that it gave me a better appreciation of wine and it's complexity.
- Kathy Martinez

Very informative. I was very excited to attend this class.
- Kelly Miller

An informative and friendly introduction to wine and wine-making, thanks!
- Dan Branan

You truly enlightened my taste buds!!
- Tamara Nelson

This was a great introduction to wine that wet my appetite to learn more.
- Sue Ellen Rodwick

Class was fun, it was perfectly paced, allowing good absorption of the material. I'll be back!
- Joni Jones

"Very informative, great delivery, lots of fun with great people!"
- Dave DeBoer

"Great information on the 'overall tasting experience'. You have a lot of knowledge about the different types and descriptions of wine."
- Carmen Greene

"Very nicely done. Fun!"
- Elton Kirkwood

"I'll definitely come to another class. It was informative, fun, and upbeat. Non-threatening. The material overall and the resources were pertinent; Great presentation too!"
- Melissa Fryrear

"I wish it were longer. I learned a lot and feel I need to attend more to really have the material. The wine book was an extra bonus. The people and instructors were incredibly nice and I really enjoyed the experience."
- Linda Howley

"I would definitely come to another one!"
- Sandi Long

"We have been wanting to learn more about wine for awhile, but have not either time or opportunity. Experience Wine made it convenient for us to attend a class. Jan and Mark create a friendly and fun environment. We'll definitely recommend it to friends."
- Rob & Wendy Wheeler

"Great class. Great presentation. Fun. A great place to start. I can't wait to go to your next class. The class was 'fruity, crisp, and full-bodied.' :)"
- Brian Green

"Outstanding presentation of material. We truly learned a lot. I think I now want a wine rack for Christmas."
- Nathaniel Granger

"Class was very informative and fun for a great price! Highly recommend class to anyone interested in learning more about wine."
- Jeff Amsden

"Great class again! It was my second one. It complemented what I learned in the first class and taught me more. The enthusiasm Mark & Jan have for wine is evident - and a great help and encouragement!"
- Melissa Fryrear

"Great personal stories... The info on food pairing was just what I was looking for! It was perfect."
- Carrie Jackson

"Great presentation; fun evening; learned lots!"
- Lisa Clark-Dreibus

"I don't like wine, but this class made it interesting, educational, & fun. I would do it again."
- Cody Clark-Dreibus

"Very nice evening - I enjoyed the information, food, wine, company, and presentation."
- Laura Carroll

"We have attended wine tastings previously and this is the best by far. The course content covered and the reference material provided ensures you take the most knowledge away from the experience."
- Cathy Bielak

"This was very educational, easy, and fun; A great way to learn about wine and an excellent value!"
- Jeanne Moore