Experience Wine - helping people explore the world of wine: Wine education and consulting courses in Colorado.


Why "Experience Wine"?

Wine is many things to many people. For some, wine is a wonderful life-enhancing experience; a drink that makes the perfect food unbelievably good, and the way to complete your quiet weekend afternoon while you sit in the sun with a good book.

For others, wine is a complete mystery or worse, a source of embarrassment. How do you tell a good wine from a bad wine? Since "wine people" seem to have their own language, what words do you use to describe what it is you like? How do you choose a wine to bring to a friend's house for dinner? The American consumer's collective experience with wine runs the entire spectrum from enthusiast to frightened neophyte.

At Experience Wine, we are determined to make wine a drink accessible to everyone. We remove people's anxiety and trepidation about wine by providing information in the form of relaxed, fun public and private classes. Once people are armed with some of the basics, they're encouraged to explore wine on their own but are always welcomed back to learn more. No wine snobs here, our aim is to help you make wine your new lifetime friend.

What We Do

From 2005 to 2009, Experience Wine offered public and private classes in Colorado Springs as the only dedicated wine education company in operation. With our recent move to Denver, we are currently offering only private events. When our certification is complete we will begin offering public classes again in the greater Denver metropolitan area in affiliation with the International Wine Guild.

Biographical Information

Mark Hejtmanek I grew up in Sonoma County California, one of the "Big Three" wine producing counties in northern California about an hour north of the San Francisco Bay Area. The experience of living in the wine country for many years helped me appreciate the role that wine played in making the special occasions in my life even more spectacular. I decided that sharing the joyful experience of wine with others was a way to continue my own education, as well as, help make a positive difference in the quality of life for others. I received my Executive Wine Sommelier certification from the International Wine Guild in Denver, and continue to utilize my wine industry contacts in Northern California to bring the most to my Experience Wine students here in Colorado.

Mark Hejtmanek
Owner, Experience Wine
Certified Executive Wine Sommelier
Certified "Responsible Vendor" by the State of Colorado